• 400 Ft. Dock
  • 750 Ft. Length over all
  • 42 Ft. Channel Depth
  • 50 Ft. Air Draft
  • 100 Ton Gottwald Mobile Harbor Crane
Facilities image
Facilities image

Undeveloped Land for New Clients

Carolina Marine Terminal has existing open storage pads, permitted dome storage space, and undeveloped land that can be tailored to meet your special handling and storage requirements. Our origins in the construction and marine construction industry enhance our ability to design and tailor new facilities to address clients’ long-term interests. The urea storage facility we constructed for Koch Nitrogen has proudly served as a model for other facilities both domestic and abroad.

Undeveloped Land for New Clients image

Storage Pads

Commodities that are not weather sensitive or environmentally sensitive may be stored outside either covered or tarped on pads. This normally provides the most economical form of storage for transfer to truck or rail for distribution. This form of storage also requires the least lead time in preparing to receive and handle products for new clients. We currently maintain salt stockpiles for Cargill and Resource Partners, chromite ore for Elementis and hot briquette iron (HBI) for DJJ/Nucor.

Storage Pads image

Concrete/Concrete & Timber/Dome Storage

CMT currently has three concrete domes dedicated to the storage of Koch urea with a combined capacity of over 50,000 tons. YARA is storing calcium nitrate in a concrete walled timber roofed dome beside which we can load trucks directly or bag and palletize product for their customers. Additional domes are already permitted on the site in anticipation of new clients.

Concrete/Concrete & Timber/Dome Storage image

Fixed & Portable Conveying Systems

Our network of fixed and portable inbound conveying systems allows us to convey directly to domes and storage pads, or to transfer to trucks delivering to other locations on our site. While product characteristics vary greatly we commonly convey materials in rates exceeding 800 tons per hour from vessel to storage.

Fixed & Portable Conveying Systems image

Truck & Rail Loadout Facilities

Carolina Marine Terminal, Inc. provides a variety of options for our clients’ distribution of their products.

Our dedicated urea loadout facility can load a truck in 6 minutes or a rail car in 18 minutes with an accuracy of +/-20 pounds per vehicle!

Most trucks spend less than 20 minutes at CMT. We utilize bucket scales on our loaders so trucks are loaded to their proper weight the first time when loading from our storage pads. Trucks have direct access on and off our scale without having to check through a security gate or provide TWIC cards. Only our dock is a secure area when a vessel is in port.

Rail cars can be loaded “over the side” for gondolas, or through a conveyor and spout for hoppers or tankers. On site rail spurs and our relationship with Wilmington Terminal Railroad enable us to load individual rail cars or unit trains as required to meet our customers needs.

Truck & Rail Loadout Facilities image